The nickname Rici comes from childhood, invented by a friend who was kindly mocking my rebel blonde curls.

I’m a front-end developer for a living, a job I love, but I also have a degree in archaeology, and for years I worked for museums and digs.

I’m an Irish Dancer. I’ve had this passion all of my life, but I’ve been able to begin dancing only in my late twenties. Now I share my passion with wonderful friends and my lovely husband. Actually, we met during the lessons we were both attending at “Gens d’YS” academy in Milan!

Now we share our lives, our dance and our crafting passion.

I’m particularly passionate about embroidery and string art, but I love experimenting new techniques shoulder to shoulder with my husband. There’s always a part in each project where I can be useful, mainly with those tasks requiring a great patience. I’m good at carefully refinishing, cleaning and perfecting details when my husband’s patience fails.

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  • #LRCrafts - DIY passion https://www.lrcrafts.it/

    If you can think it, you can make it.

    In our family we share a passion for DIY in all its forms.
    Our name #LRCrafts comes from our web nicknames: Locutus & Rici Crafts.

    Together we make crafts with several techniques and materials, for decorative purposes or to solve problems, adding functionality where we need it.

    On our website we tell what we do and how, the experiments we come up with, what we learn along the road, we show our projects.

  • Il Blog di Rici86 http://rici86.blogspot.com/

    Il Blog di Rici86 - Riflessioni su arte, cultura, archeologia, storia e quotidianità